Publications by Tracey Lister & Andreas Pohl, photography by Michael Fountoulakis


Made in Vietnam
Homestyle Recipes from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh

Made in Vietnam captures the experience of travelling through Vietnam. It samples the memorable meals found everywhere from street stalls, countryside eateries, bia hois and family gatherings, covering the three main culinary regions of the country: the hearty food of the cooler North with its four distinct seasons, dishes from the Centre with its tradition of the imperial cuisine from Hue, and the sweeter and spicier food from the tropical South.The recipes cover classic Vietnamese fare, such as Spring Rolls (Nem) and Banana Flower Salad, as well as lesser known recipes from rural areas like Eel in Caul Fat and more unusual snacks like Boiled Jackfruit Seeds…as well as the all-important dipping sauces, without which no Vietnamese dish would be complete.

With suggestions for putting together a Vietnamese banquet or throwing together a casual meal for friends, the authors remain true to the communal theme that runs through this cuisine and it’s culture. The lush photography and fresh design take the reader on a journey through classic and unusual recipes and the intricacies of the country’s rich cultural history.

Real Vietnamese Cooking

Real Vietnamese Cooking is a culinary voyage through this unique and vibrant country. Using traditional cooking techniques to recreate local dishes and classic favourites at home, as well as lush photography and fascinating personal insights into the intricacies of the country’s rich culture, this book is your authoritative guide to Vietnamese cuisine.

The recipes draw on the three main culinary regions of the country: the hearty food of the North, the imperial cuisine from the Centre, and the sweeter and spicier food from the tropical South. From classic Vietnamese fare such as Beef noodle soup (Pho Bo), Spring rolls (Nem) and Banana flower salad, as well as lesser-known recipes such as Caramel fish with galangal or Artichoke and pork rib soup, these recipes will delight and inspire lovers of Vietnamese cooking.

Vietnamese Street Food

A collection of the best and most delicious recipes from the streets of Vietnam. Stepping onto the streets of Vietnam is like entering a big, bustling kitchen—everywhere, something is being rolled, boiled, steamed, or fried; pots of hot, fragrant pho sit over coal burners and balls of peanut-studded sticky rice are steamed and wrapped in newspaper. The food is fast, fresh, fragrant, and second to none in terms of its diversity and availability.

Vietnamese Street Food represents everything enticing there is to eat on the streets of Vietnam. It contains more than sixty well-loved and authentic recipes from Prawn and Rice Paper Rolls to Crab Wontons, from Classic Noodle Soup with Chicken to Salt and Pepper Squid, and Crunchy Baguettes Filled with Skewers of Lemongrass Beef.

Alongside these are the stories of people who run some of the most legendary street stalls, providing a glimpse into their lives and daily routines. The variety of dishes and cooking methods, be it rolled, boiled, steamed, or fried, combined with gorgeous photographs of every dishful will have you creating unpretentious, fresh, and flavorsome food for any occasion.

Koto A Culinary Journey Through Vietnam

Arranged by region, this cookbook is a culinary journey weaving personal stories and national history with a culinary appreciation of the markets, traditions, and food of daily life in Vietnam. More than 80 delicious and authentic recipes are included, ranging from Coconut Prawns to Chicken and Lotus Seed Broth.

Featuring stunning food photography as well as images of the Vietnamese countryside and people, this is a gorgeous reference perfect for the home cook and armchair traveler alike.

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